Reactive Tax Services

STC prides itself on its ability to provide you the resources needed
to fully defend yourself. The representation provided in this endeavor
is founded on years of State tax governmental experience as:

• investigators and auditors • supervisors • directors • attorneys

Audit Defense

Audit Representation

We will:

  • expedite the audit process, where possible, while trying to keep it as unobtrusive as is practical
  • analyze the data to be presented at audit to determine your potential exposure
  • formulate appropriate defensive audit strategies
  • develop rebuttal positions to address the auditor’s conclusions
  • interface and negotiate with the taxing authority to reach an acceptable conclusion

Audit Appeal

Compliance Representation Services

Criminal Tax Defense

Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting is the modern day nomenclature for investigative accounting. Three of the most popular products offered by STC are:

Other Related Services

In conjunction with the implications of a tax liability we offer legal representation at Bankruptcy proceedings. Although somewhat drastic, relief in bankruptcy, where applicable, may prove to be a viable alternative in dealing with the long range effects of a tax liability.