Dennis Adelman

Director of Forensic Accounting

Mr. Adelman comes to State Tax Consulting Inc. with a rich background in taxation with a focus on law enforcement. Dennis spent over two decades with the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. During that time he served in a number of positions including Sales Tax Auditor, Sales Tax Supervisor, Conciliation Conferee and Chief of Tax Enforcement.

Dennis was instrumental in the development and implementation of various projects and processes designed to detect, investigate, and prosecute delinquent tax filers. Industries and sectors where he focused his efforts included petroleum products, financial services, retail flea markets and public officials.

Before joining State Tax Consulting, Dennis was a consultant for over 15 years in the public sector, heading his own tax consulting firm. His experience also includes serving as educator and instructor on state and local tax matters for professional organizations and academic institutions.

As an accountant, he is recognized as one of the regionís foremost authorities on state and local sales tax matters. Mr. Adelman holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Accounting.