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About Us

State Tax Consulting Inc. is comprised of a team of seasoned professionals who have years of government and private sector experience. The firm and its professionals are committed to offering a comprehensive and proactive approach to managing state and local sales tax issues and heading off potential problems.  This is achieved by utilizing individuals who have a full and complete understanding of sales tax issues and governmental processes. 

Unlike other firms, at STC we provide these comprehensive solutions while taking advantage of the talents of individuals who have diverse backgrounds in accounting, law, government and law enforcement. This approach allows the firm to regularly achieve successful outcomes for our clients. 

At STC we provide a full array of proactive and reactive services.  Through the proactive services offered, clients are able to take greater advantage of an array of tax credits and incentives. Through the use of reverse sales and use tax audits, tax incentives and credits and virtual compliance analysis we can recover significant funds for our clients.  This is successfully accomplished because of our extensive knowledge of tax laws and regulations.  

Clients who find themselves in difficult circumstances rely on our expertise and reactive services. We understand these can be stressful situations for business owners.  For this reason we utilize all of our resources and experience to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. Our reactive services include audit defense, audit resolution, compliance representation, criminal tax defense and forensic accounting services.

Sales tax and tax related issues can be confusing and difficult to manage for any business.  We welcome the opportunity to speak with business owners about these matters and provide our professional advice, service and counsel.